The Thorn in Coyote’s Eye - Coming Soon

The Thorn in Coyote's Eye
Coming Soon!

The authorial spirits of Edward Abbey and Tony Hillerman meet in this contemporary western adventure in the American Southwest. In the spirit of Abbey’s fictional works, The Monkey Wrench Gang and Hayduke Lives, a rag-tag collection of westerners—archaeologists, cowboys, a teacher, a Native American, a bulldozer operator, and a fly-fisherwoman—take on a greed-driven gang of coal miners and grave robbers in the heat and dust of Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM). Battle lines drawn between environmentalists and pro-development rednecks melt away, concerns over roads being bulldozed into the wilderness are trivialized, and adversaries become allies when a common foe is discovered looting an elaborate prehistoric burial site in the inky depths of a limestone cavern in the wilds of the slickrock desert.

“Fantastic descriptions of the natural and human history, Martin knows the subject matter well. His humor swells up at the best of times; I howled out loud and felt sad when I was done. Everything about his portrayal of the Navajo, Lester, is well done. He and Tom Foster are endearing, real, and pure. I'd love to see these two characters paired in a sequel! Every federal employee in southeast Utah will read this book and it might stir some to more coordinated action with enviros. And tribes. Curtis is a damn good nature and suspense writer. I say he should quit his day job as an archaeologist and teacher and write! This novel is destined for publication. And sequels.”
Sally Crum
Archaeologist (retired) for the U. S. Forest Service and the Navajo Nation. Author of novels Race to the Moonrise and Race to the River, and non-fiction text book People of the Red Earth: American Indians of Colorado